- Fate Averted -

...Just who are you? Th' name's Yomiel. I'm...well, I guess I was - a systems engineer. I'm an IT Department 'teacher' in this place now, go figure.
...Got any class questions or something?

IT Department - Apartment Four

“Associated with Tranche de Vie”

Oct 27

So. Apparently there will be a Halloween event and I missed a lot of stuff going on?

Hah. As weird as this place is, I approve of a celebration of Halloween.

Wonder just what crazy stuff I missed, though.

…Perhaps it is better I do not know.


Shinjiro snorted. “As if I’d be stupid enough to let those freaks anywhere near me.” The so-called medical staff at Komoriya were even more of a joke than the teachers. Besides the obvious failure of not securing a position at an actual hospital or having their own practice, he only had to observe them at a distance on a single occasion to know none of them were trustworthy.

Besides, even if they were altruistic, there was nothing they could do for him. How could he explain his ‘problem’? It was already a risk to let certain people know of the existence of Personas. He had learned of how that knowledge led to corruption. Forcing a Persona on someone… Yeah, he couldn’t become a patient and risk someone he didn’t know getting information they shouldn’t have.

Yeah, as sad as that is - gotta agree with ya. The school doctors are all hacks at the moment and I wouldn’t touch the medical office in there with a ten-foot pole.

(The man in red gave a judgemental-sounding snort of his own, before deadpan snarking:)

'Oh heey, look at me. I'm the school principal and I let folks who probably need to be in a hospital themselves take care of injured kids! Aren’t I responsible?’

(A pause then, the man in red noting they were nearing the station he was going to pay for, he sighing and saying in his normal tone of vocie, not his ‘snarky’ one:)

I fear I shall never internally get used to all the crazy stuff that happens at this school, but hey.

I gotta deal with it.

Oct 24

mistressofmisfortune replied to your post: Yomiel’s musings

Yomiel sensei! You should totally booby trap the class room with a bunch of creepy robots that look like ghosts, or zombies!

No need to be so formal. Just ‘Yomiel’ is fine.

(‘As long as you’re not makin’ wise-cracks about my hair, I don’t care what I’m called.’)

But I think if I am going to do something…I should make it a surprise for all the students. Yourself included.

So I’m not going to go with that plan, as good an idea as it is.

Maybe you could consider that prank for your friends or in the dorms?


Yomiel’s musings

I feel like doing something special with my students for Halloween, if my class runs on that day - it should, since Halloween falls on a Monday this year.

Hm. What would be cooler, turning the lights off and having a big play-off of Amnesia - The Dark Decent, or pranking my students with something creepy before handing out good examples of horror PC games for them to study?

…Perhaps some may say I’m getting too excited about something like this. But Halloween is my favourite holiday, and my birthday falls on this month, so I have a perfectly good excuse to get excited about it.



Grateful? That was new. People weren’t supposed to know about the Dark Hour. Having someone randomly thank him for his efforts was a little weird. He was no Superman. He had done everything possible to find a source for the recurrence only to wither at a dead end. Shinjiro felt as though he had not done enough, not that he was worthy of gratitude. 

“Uh, you’re welcome?” 

His inexperience with being thanked was clear. Awkwardness dominated his voice. At least Yomiel had succeeded in taking Shinjiro’s mind off his current condition. What kind of name is Yomiel? Weird.

“Aragaki Shinjiro. I’m not like…an addict or something…” He felt bad about the two versions of himself in Yomiel’s mind. A defender of innocents from evil monsters and a substance user. Not the typical combination. Was it a let down?

(Seemed that the matter of being thanked had certainly distracted the young man enough from complaining about having to accept help from a teacher at least - for the time being, this appeared to be the case, anyway, the man in red quirking his eyebrows up in almost a amused manner at him being on the receiving end of a ‘wait are you SERIOUS’ kind of stare rather than the other way around. The fellow seemed almost a little taken aback at such thanks, and Yomiel said:)

Is being thanked for such a task odd? I don’t really think it is.

Considering a lot of folk turned tail and ran from the monsters on that event, or hid and waited it out, you deserve thanks for helpin’ to fight against ‘em, at least.

Just my opinon, though.

(His standard one-armed shrug after stating that, he nodded at finally learning the student’s name, saying:)

Not sayin’ you are. Lotta folk haveta take that kinda stuff for medical reasons or whatever, you could have the same kinda deal, only you can’t get the stuff legally.

Anyway - ain’t my place to question, as I said, and I’m sticking by that.

I’d be careful if you ever haveta go to the school doctor’s though…if they make you do a blood test there or whatever, that stuff’d probably show up on their systems.

Not that I know anything about medical shit.

I’m the computers guy, not the school doctor…

Oct 23


“I told you I don’t need any help.”

Shinjiro pushed himself into an upright stance and exhaled heavily. There wasn’t any getting away from this guy, was there? He had expected boredom to set in by now and cause the man to leave but that hadn’t happened. Shinjiro looked his way and resigned himself to being followed back to the dorms whether he liked it or not.

“But since you’re so fucking keen on being useful I’ll let you pay my train ticket.”

Without looking back, he began the walk towards the station.

Right’o, then. I can do that.

Once we get back to the school, I’ll go back to organizin’ classes and outta your hair, and you can do what you so wish. But lemme say one thing first.

(Yomiel adjusted his shades, before stating in firm honesty:)

Appreciate you bein’ one of the students that helped attack those weird monsters on that event. Gods know they wouldn’t been repelled with as few people that did end up tagging together alone.

Guess in a roundabout way, part of the reason I wanna help is ‘cause I’m ‘grateful’ or something like that. Take those words as ya will, though. If we somehow meet up again after this, by some fluke, though…you can call me Yomiel.


mistressofmisfortune said: Yomiel Sensei, I noticed my year was missing on your list. I'm in year two, sorry for any confusion!

Alright. I’ll ammend that. Feel free to pass on the IT sign up form to others if ya so wish. Maybe it’ll get other students interested in taking the class or whatever.

stormprince replied to your post: - For folks that wish to join the IT class

Thanks for fillin’ out the form, young man. Your name’s been added to the list of folk in my class.

Nice to see folk showing an interest this quick.

- For folks that wish to join the IT class -

Since you students don’t seem to be too busy today, I reckoned I might as well get word around about this. Whatever. I’m just doing this because attendance rates seem to have gone down, and since the principal won’t do anything regarding telling me who’s IN my class to begin with, I’ll haveta find out this way.

Anyways, leave your name - a nickname is fine too if you don’t wanna tell me your name for some weird reason - year and class if you’re going to be attending or already are attending IT Department class.

Anyone who takes the time to sign up will get a brand-new updated form of the school map to download wherever it’s most convient for them - not only does it show the entire interior of the school and the exact location of everything in it, but it shows the locations of important places outside of the school as well.

  1. Name - year - class
  2. Name - year - class
  3. Name - year - class

And so on and whatever.



It was a good thing Yomiel appreciated quiet, because Shinjiro was nothing if not the poster boy for bad company. He disliked strangers, especially anyone older than himself. Ill-communicative under the best circumstances, Shinjiro was reticent to the extreme at the moment.

Thirty minutes later, Shinjiro still had not moved or spoken. It may be possible to mistake him for having fallen asleep if not for the irregular, marginally labored breathing. The urge to vomit had come and gone without incident. That was lucky. 

After all that time, he couldn’t sit on the cold concrete any longer. The numbness was uncomfortable. Shinjiro stood up without preamble, the swish of his long coat the only clue that he had moved at all until he took a few steps to the ground, stumbled, and quickly grasped the railing lest he fall over completely.

“Tch,” he cursed under his breath, knowing it would yet be a while before he was back to normal. He wanted to get back to the dorm but his body simply failed to co-operate.

(More time seemed to tick slowly by, the red-clad man pulling his signature blazer a bit closer at the vicious winds neither halting nor letting up none as the two of them simply sat. Hm. He didn’t really ‘associate’ with the students all that much outside of classes - who was he to pry into such matters as their personal lives, and besides, if he tried to make friends with a particular student, word would get out, and that poor student’s life might be made miserable for it- the tag of ‘teachers pet’ was not a pleasant one most of the time. He knew. He’d been there himself, once upon a time. Therefore, he didn’t wish to put such a thing onto any student of his class.

However, more often than not, it seemed that ‘fate’ wanted him to branch out, become less reserved and actually talk to people - because a lot of events similar to this had been happening recently. He’d happen across a student in need of assistance, he’d help them, expecting nothing more to happen: and then they’d get curious about him. Bah. He was fine with opening up just a little to the teachers, but in all honesty, he would rather not ‘inconvience’ students like that. Besides, he was fine with his small ‘circle’ of friends the way it was. Larger groups of people made him a little uneasy.

Not that he’d ever admit that out loud. Such thoughts aside, at least the silence was a welcome change from all the sudden events that came one after the other like some slapdash domino effect at the school. It was crazy. The swish of the other’s coat caught Yomiel’s attentions, the young man attempting to stand but almost stumbling. Seemed he wanted to head back, but his body was not in the mood to cooperate. Yomiel spoke then, inquiring:)

Doesn’t look like you’ll be getting any place on your own. Want a hand or what? 

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